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Our Story

A Bector Family Legacy

In the 1980s India, there was one common thread that tied together most celebrations in Ludhiana (Punjab), be it wedding feasts, home gatherings, or even local parties, it was Mrs Rajni Bector's famous Ice-Creams, Puddings, Cakes, Cookies & Buns. It was these magical recipes that made the Celebration complete.

Mrs Rajni Bector had become a household name for recipes with nutrition and lip-smacking taste. With the help of her husband, Dharamvir Bector, they set up a backyard kitchen from where baking magic began. Once those first few steps were taken, we knew that she had something so strong that can create a household legacy of magical taste and nutritious products. Four decades later her ultimate dream was realized with the biscuit-and-bakery firm: Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities Limited.

About Us

What began as a passion project, had now grown to become the official supplier of Burger Buns to leading QSRs and Restaurants in India. Keeping up with the high demand received, we opened a second manufacturing unit in Greater Noida. Our demand accelerated by leaps and bounds, leading us to open Manufacturing Plants across the country to keep up with production.

Cremica, loved by audiences for its best-sellers like Bourbon, Crackers and Cream filled biscuits is now being sold in over 23 states through 550,000 Outlets. We also became the largest biscuit suppliers to Canteen Stores Department of Government of India (“CSD”), supplying in 33 locations across the country. English Oven, is now one of the largest selling premium bakery brands in India, with products ranging from sweet to savoury, gourmet to Indian delicacies and much more. With the ever increasing love for our brands, we are continuously motivated to come up with newer, innovative healthy offerings which appeal to wide audience, not only in India, but across the world.

With the growing love we received, we decided to go beyond and reach more customers; thereby birthing our export range. Today we stand proud to have expanded Cremica with 384 SKUs, and English Oven by baking 1.2 million buns per day. As we grow, our mission to bring healthy and fresh baked goods to homes is taking shape. This has been the dynamic journey of Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities Limited, spearheaded by our management, employees, and partners alike.



Initiated & Founded by Mrs. Rajni Bector

In-house with an initial capital of Rs. 20,000


The First Move

Bread Unit in Punjab baking 5,000 loaves per day



Increase in bread unit produced now baking 50,000 loaves per day



Private Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956



Providing Buns to McDonald’s Officially supplying burger buns


The Second Big Move

Our Own Manufacturing Facility Commenced in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


Going Beyond

We increased production capacity Produced in the Greater Noida facility


Trusted Partners

Contracted manufacturers Began providing Oreo for Mondelez.


The Third Move

Expansion of our facility Now manufacturing in Khopoli, Maharashtra.


Cracker Biscuit Unit

Cracker Biscuit Unit at Tahliwal Manufacturing Facility began a new line of cracker biscuits


Growing Bigger

Began yet another new facility Now manufacturing in Bangalore, Karnataka.


Installing a new line

Expanding our imported line Now producing biscuits at Phillaur, Punjab.


Expanding our strength

Increase in capacity Accelerated production at Greater Noida facility.


Expansion to Greenfield

With state-of-the-art Rajpura Facility Commissioned to create unique cookies and biscuits


Taking Over the Bread World

Taking Over the Bread World A new facility in Greater Noida Dedicated to producing quality breads


Growing the Bread Business

New facility in Bengaluru Established to create unique breads


Expanding Further

Expanding Further Acquiring land in Madhya Pradesh Producing numerous biscuits and breads, daily


Listed with IPO

Highest subscription recorded MBFSL saw a rise in NSE and BSE

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