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Our Promoters

Ms. Rajni Bector

Founder and Chairperson Emeritus
  • We have always believed that while a good bakery brand develops delicious products, a great one creates magical experiences – moments that evoke happiness, spark joy and create delight. Thus, with a vibrant brand portfolio that has the power to create joy, we will continue to innovate and inspire to create delightful moments of everyday magic!
  • 2021, Padmashri Award recipient for her contribution to trade and industry.

Mr. Anoop Bector

Managing Director
  • Right from our early days as a backyard bakery back in 1978, to our IPO listing in December 2020, we have overcome numerous challenges in our journey to evolve today as one of the most respected bakery brands in India, and around the world. Creating milestones, the year 2020-21 will always be remembered as the year of our maiden listing on India’s premier stock exchanges.
  • Despite an uncharted environment, Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities Limited remained well-supported by the stability of our business foundation, anchored deep in lasting passion for quality, innovation for consumer, product value and operational excellence, all while keeping a sustained performance. As a fast-growing FMCG company, we are driven by the singular purpose of bringing the best quality bakery products to homes across the world.
  • Developing a robust export footprint across the globe, we believe in innovation for consumers and value addition. We keep our consumers at the centre of our business to ensure that our brands create value for consumer demand today and well-continue the same in future!

Mr Ishaan Bector

Whole Time Director
  • As the market grows, demands evolve. Cultural influences, market trends and internet connections the way people eat has constantly been transitioning. 20 years ago, variety in biscuits was a novelty, but soon it grew as an everyday household item. Similarly, for the last 10 years, breads have grown from an emergency food item to a daily delicacy.
  • Understanding this trend, we have always made it our goal to cater to exactly what the consumers are looking for. Our dough story expanded from daily bread loaves to burger buns, speciality breads and even artisanal breads. Striving to keep our product consumer relevant and appealing, we have evolved into the leading premium bakery provider in the FMCG category in India, with 25 years of expertise under our hat; our brand English Oven is now present in leading metros of India serving a wide variety of bakery products.
  • The sudden economic shift caused by Pandemic 2019 made us realize the consumer need for café like breads which recreate the experience at your own comfort, safety and brought to you with 100% hygiene. With over two decades of experience in delivering quality, Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities Limited is well-positioned to capitalize on the growth in our Institutional Bakery business. Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities Limited is one of the few FMCG providers in India with the capacity to deal with fresh, chilled, and frozen products, thereby enabling us to distribute pan-India. Making artisanal bakery goods accessible to the masses, we enable our consumers to indulge in cravings, as per their own taste, health, and needs.

Mr Suvir Bector

Whole Time Director
  • FMCG is a fast-paced business, especially daily consumable products which are now a part of our everyday lives. As one of the leading biscuit manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India, we have consistently expanded our product offerings to keep up with audience demand and desire. Rooted in the legacy of bringing quality, healthy and delicious bakery goods, we have expanded SKUs for both domestic and international markets.
  • Focused on bringing the loved quality of Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities to the global forefront, we began our export business. We saw people showering love for our premium biscuit range and novelty crackers amongst others. Therein, we took the leap of expanding the business with specific manufacturing units dedicated to export and premium range of products.
  • Serving a country is one thing, serving the world is a whole other ballgame. But despite all challenges that come our way, Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities has accomplished a leading space in the market. Currently available in 64 countries, we are the official supplier to top distributors and buying houses across the globe. Our consistency in quality has strengthened us in becoming a global name for taste. We believe in innovation and hence deliver world-class products.